This is an image of a native face, painted on stone.

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Linda Anderson

This is an image of Linda Anderson.

Linda was born in Oliver B.C. and grew up in the Okanagan Valley. She is a member of the Osoyoos Indian Band. She lives in Oliver with her husband of 25 years and has three grown children and one granddaughter.

Linda is an entirely self taught artist and has loved art since childhood. Her medium is acrylic painted on feathers, sliced rock, natural hide drums, petrified wood, and stone slabs. She will also use beads, horse hair, porcupine quills, and small decorative feathers to finish her unique one of a kind pieces. Her subjects are local wildlife and/or faces capturing the spirit and essence of her Okanagan heritage. Linda prefers painting on natural objects compared to traditional canvas. And upon contemplation she has come to realize that the objects on which she paints mean as much to her as her art. It is a merging or a joining, and the object then becomes a part of her work.

Linda receives strong personal inspiration from her ancestral roots which she seeks to express in her art.

© 2005 Linda Anderson

This is an image of a native face, painted on stone.

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